Quick Overview Paging port adaptor


Toshiba Compatible Page Port Adapter
Provide paging without wasting a complete slot in the KSU. The PI-DKT-R effects a 600 ohm output from any unused digital station port available on the system. Connect, program and you're done!


Group Paging
All Call Paging
Direct paging
Immediate ringing (day and/or night)
Delayed ringing (day,day2 and/or night)
No External power required
Distinctive ringing
DSS/BLF in-use indication
Background music
Relay output
Status indicators

Product Attachments

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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions No

Feature Programming

Feature Programming Use the following programs on DK systems for features specified below. For programming on CTX/CIX systems refer to you Toshiba manual.
Background Music
Program 39
DK280/424 - assign 478 to LED 06
DK8/16/24/56/96 - assign 78 to LED 06
It is recommended that this LED always be programmed as a BGM key even if background music will not be activated.